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Species: Troll Frog
Type: Bug/Psychic
Ability: Immunity
Creator: Anonymous
Original Scribble:
Tentaquil orgin.png
Cry: [1]


An incredibly powerful Pokemon, no trainer has ever been able to defeat it at full potential. Or at least, no one has lived to tell the tale.

Tentaquil is one of the most well-known Fakemon in the Pokemon fandom. Tentaquil's orgin comes from a thread on /vp/ on July 22nd 2010, where users were asked to draw their favorite Pokemon without looking. An anonymous poster posted a picture of a large blue creature with yellow features, and claimed it to be "a tentaquil". Within hours, more threads and fanart were created of the Fakemon, even going so far as to make a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald featuring it.

Tentaquil regained popularity before they 5th Generation of games were released. People across the internet regarded it as a "new Pokemon". Eventually, a few well known Pokemon websites were putting the "leaked" image on their sites until it was discovered to be a fakemon.

According to the hack (and other users creating attacks for it), Tentaquil's main and arguably most famous attack is "Puke Blood". The game uses the following levels for attacks:

Start Tackle
Start Leer
Level 5 Flail
Level 7 Rock Throw
Level 9 Aerial Ace
Level 12 Puke Blood (signature move)
Level 15 Surf
Level 19 Sketch
Level 25 Giga Drain
Level 27 Tackle
Level 30 Scratch
Level 31 Fury Swipes
Level 34 False Swipe
Level 39 Earthquake
Level 46 Fly
Level 50 Waterfall
Level 55 Twineedle
Level 75 Fissure
Level 99


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