Skullarbler Final

Sugimori Style

Skullarbler Shineyfinall

Shiny Variant

Species: Grim Bird Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Flying
Ability: Zen Mode/Spell Tag
Creator: Scolipede
Original Scribble:
Skullarbler scribble

Dex Entry

Skullarbler usually tend to keep to themselves, making them very hard Pokemon to find and befriend. When moving and fighting, Skullarbler release their limbs from their Zen Mode and control them using their dark powers. While in Zen Mode, Skullarbler look like any ordinary bird Pokemon, sporting no signifigantly ghostly attributes aside from their spine-tingling skull pattern attop their head plumage.

Additional Images

Skullarbler Zen Mode

Zen Mode

Skullarbler Sprite

Skullarbler Sprite

Skullarbler pokentry

Skullarbler info sheet


Original Rendition