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Sadfish org.png
Species: Sad Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Drizzle
Creator: お魚に餌
Original Scribble:

Dex Entry

SadFish is a particularly upset fish. No one is quite certain why the creature alway has a frown on it's face. It will usually show up at sad events like funerals and can be found quite often during heavy rain storms.

ORIGIN: Sadfish, like many Fakemon, was created before Black and White officially came out. It originally appeared on a "leaked' CoroCoro scan, along with Swanna and Deerling (who both had official artwork at this time) and Pansage and Alomomola (both of whom did not) It's supposed authenticity was also fueled by it's convincing look and sprite shown, however it was disproven quickly. SadFish is favored by many /tr/ainers, and were saddened to find that god forsaken Basculin in it's place.

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