Final product.

Parti is a scribblemon made on the 4th May, 2013. Its typing is Dark/Fire, and its stat spread is:

100/120/110/40/110/20 (BST 500)

It is a beige/tan coloured Pokémon with a huge, enflared pink tongue and small, sharp teeth. They have pure red eyes, long, dangly arms, and small feet which are almost completely connected to the body, because it has very short legs.


Parti is a scribblemon which likes cake and partying with all other Pokémon. Researchers have discovered them in the wild all joining in preparing for the night's party, the young Partis making the cake, the aldults preparing the alcohol, and the elders making party hats and decorations. These researchers also found that 80% of all adult Partis are too hungover the morning after to even wake up, leaving the young to fend for themselves.

During the parties they have, they eat so much cake, that eventually, they grow too fat to move and just party while trying to keep its head up as much as possible. Although they are generally positively recived by other Pokémon, some try to annoy it by touching the cake or the hat, which results in Parti having a huge temper tantrum, detroying anything in its path. This leads to it burning off all the weight, and so the cycle continues when it eats cake again.

The female variety seem to sport a pink and purple coloured hat intead of the regular blue and green, and also has vanilla sponge cake instead of the male's chocolate fudge cake.

During battle, it stretches out its tongue, wraps it around its prey in a fasion similar to Lickitung, then bites them as hard is it can using its razor-sharp teeth. After swallowing a birthday candle on the cake, its insides are ignited, which allows it to use fire-related attacks, such as Flame Charge and Flare Blitz. It can also learn powerful Dark type moves such as Crunch.  

Other drawingsEdit

Parti drawn

Parti drawn by an anon.

Party time

The original scribble.