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A clean drawing of Love, created by Missingno.

Species: Tenderness Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize/Serene Grace
Creator: A 4th grader named Shalei
Original Scribble:

The original drawing, made by Shalei.

Dex Entry

This is Love. She has a lot of love. She cares for you. She is powerful because she can shoot out hearts that make you fall in love. She has a boyfriend whose name is Mr. K. She evolves to Choco Love. -Shalei

Origin & DiscoveryEdit


Love is a Fakemon originating on a Hawaiian School site showcasing the students' love for Pokémon. Among crayon and computer drawings of actual Pokémon, the students also came up with their own "OC's". "Love" is an original fakemon created by Shalei, among other students' creations, like Orkinite and Cinder.


They were first discovered on a thread, created on Febuary 22, 2012 on /vp/, where many lurkers and posters entertained themselves by redrawing some of the images, and noticing the quirks of the drawings and the descriptions.


Love is a circular-shaped, pink and purple-colored Pokémon, that resembles a virus, with antigens attached. The Pokémon is nice and caring to all beings that it meets, and will often heal those who are injured or dying. Its power to create love and happiness is conjured by its psychic mindset, and many myths and legends have been created circulating around the Pokemon's power. Love has established a natural bond towards Mr. K over time. Through friendship and trust, a Love will eventually evolve into Choco Love.

The original thread can be found here:

Additional images:

  • Its evolution, Choco Love.
  • The creator, Shalei.