Lilfella was supposed to be just another post on a thread for fakemon made in fourty seconds on MSPaint. However, Anon accidentally made his reply a thread instead... Somehow. And thus a legend was born. 


Official art

Potato Fellow



Ability: Big Power, Battle (HA)
Creator: Anonymous
Original Scribble
What once was

Lilfella was posted in his own thread, with the inspiring words

"this here is Lilfella

probably ground type

evolves into Bigfella, ground/fighting, maybe"

Though he was posted in his own thread by accident, this lead to his popularity. Though OP said to ignore the thread, the people of /vp/ did not listen. Soon, Lilfella had a sprite, as did his evolution, Bigfella. A third evolution, Biggerfella, Fighting/Flying type, was added, and was soon pitted in Battle against Tentaquil himself.

His ability, Big Power, automatically uses Geomancy upon Switch In, as well as blocking priority and super effective moves. His hidden ability, Battle, does nothing special. The Lilfella line has two signature moves, but cannot know both at once. This is because to learn either of these moves, you have to side with one of the two Sages, Mudeous and Rockander. Side with Mudeous and he will teach your Lilfella/Bigfella/Biggerfella Muddy Stare, a move where he shoots mud and earth from his tear ducts. Side with Rockander and he will teach your Lilfella/Bigfella/Biggerfella Rock Vision, a move that allows them to see through rocks. Defeat the Sage opposite of the Sage you sided with, and you will get a mega stone they had stolen from the other Sage.

Mega Biggerfella Mud returns to the Ground/Fighting typing of Bigfella. His new ability, Mudpit, boosts the power of Muddy Stare tenfold.

Mega Biggerfella Rock has is a cyclops for some reason I don't know. He is Rock/Fighting. His ability, Rocklaser, makes Rock Vision actually do damage.

Lilfella are rival pokemon to Shirp. Despite its type disadvantage, it usually comes out on top due to its intense cardio training rituals. 

Shirp are water types that people don't really care about because they aren't Lilfella. They evolve into Shirpest (Water/Dark) and then Shirpeace (Water/Psychic) but who cares really.

Also the original thread got deleted at some point. That was sad. But we still have all the stuff so it's good I guess.

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