Species: Flare Pokémon
Type: Fire/Fighting
Ability: Blaze
Creator: Jan Michael
Original Scribble:

Dex Entry

Firebuzz is a fire pokemon. He looks happy, but he can burn you. His claws are very sharp. - Jan Michael

Firebuzz is a Fakemon originating from a website for a Hawaiian school, showing students' fandrawings and original Pokemon. The link was posted on an archived /vp/ thread, causing the drawings to reach a mildly popular status on the board.

Firebuzz is a Fire-Type Pokémon that has a build resembling a generic two-legged creature with a torch as a head, along with a striped tale. They have very agressive attitudes towards other Pokémon and trainers, while having a very determined way of thinking, always trying to accomplish its goals, no matter how impossible it may be. His claws can also slice through entire trees, and nearly anything that gets in its way.

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