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Species: Fireball Pokémon
Type: Fire/Fighting
Ability: No Guard
Creator: Miss Britt; /vp/
Original Scribble:


It becomes wildly furious if it even senses someone looking at it. It's fire can melts Indian elephants.

Origin: Farfignugletron hails from a blog by a pretentious bitch mother who claimed on her blog that "Pokémon was the most retarded thing ever created". Naturally, /vp/ was pissed and decided to troll the blog. (Although, I think we all know how that turned out)

Farfignugletron was one of the made up names the woman "Miss Britt" claimed her children were calling out while playing the Pokemon TCG.

Drawfriends created an orange colored creature with green boxing gloves and long flowing hair as to what they believed Farfignugletron was. It is, obviously, another Fire/Fighting type. The combination everybody loves.

The original website can be found at tinyurl.com/Farfignugletron. (As of March 6th 2012, the blog is under construction. Maybe she finally got sick of babies calling her out)

Chanarchive.org has archived the thread that shows how this magnificent specimen was discovered in the wild jungles of the internet.

The thread can be found Here

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