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Species: Mindfuck Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ghost
Ability: Fizzbitch
Creator: PalaceOfChairs
Original Scribble:


DELORIS, while very rarely seen, is an extremely emotional Pokemon. Its signature move, Fizzbitch, named for what anyone says after it uses it, has the power to strike down up to 30 Indian elephants from a single tree.

Deloris is a Fakemon based on the odd paintings found in the Lilycove Gallery in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald. The painting features an odd looking shape that was interpreted as a 3 legged horse like creature with a face resembling Bellsprout and Jynx.

It's only used every now and then in threads dedicated to it. However, at its birth, a large influx of users created images and sprites.

Its cry is the sound of Perish Song in Pokemon Stadium 2, which alters to the Wilhelm Scream at low health. It stands a 7'11" tall and has the ability to cry a blood-like substance when it uses its signature move, Fizzbitch.

Additional Images: