Species: FlameKnuckles Pokémon
Type: Fire/Fighting
Ability: Flame Body
Creator: Maury, a 4th grader who attended Pa'ia Elementary School.
Original Scribble:

The original drawing, by Maury.

Dex EntryEdit

"Cinder is the most powerful Pokémon in the whole galaxy. Its most powerful move is the flame punch. That is when his hand gets very hot and when he hits another Pokémon, they turn into flames. Cinder can fly. His slowest move is burn knuckles. That is when his knuckles get very hot and he uses them to punch this opponent. His knuckles are so hot like they have been in an oven for over 80 years." - Maury


Cinder is a Fakémon originating from the ruins of a website created by the Hawaiian elementary school known as "Pa'ia School", inspired by the sudden rush of Pokémania sweeping the nation back in the late 90's. Cinder and many of the other drawings on the site were first found on a thread on /vp/, created on Febuary 22, 2012, that revealed the charm and the efforts of the students to many /vp/reons.


Cinder is one of the more popular fakémon created by the students, and has spawned drawings as well as catchphrases, such as the phrase: "in an oven for 80 years", creating many variations to express one's feelings or reactions towards something.


Cinder is currently the most powerful Pokémon discovered, according to the class. His burn knuckles are his most defining features, which creates heat and energy when it comes into contact with another object or being, that can produce heat at the temperature of being in an oven for 80 years. He also has the peculiar ability to fly, which is likely done by levitating into the air or by lifting itself into the air, harnessing a mysterious force exclusive to its powers, undiscovered and leaving many experts baffled about this ominous ability.

The original thread can be found here:

Additional images:

  • An unofficial drawing for Cinder, created by Missingno.
  • The original drawing.
  • The effect of a flame punch upon a person.
  • Maury, the creator of Cinder.