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Species: Flame Dragon Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Overheat/Blaze
Creator: Ikaika
Original Scribble:

Dex Entry

This is Charcoal. When he gets mad he uses thunder flame. Charcoal's powerful moves 'are powerful flamer, flame leaf, pysflame, fly, horn drill, flametower, body slam, 'hyper fire, fire bomb,wildfire, flamewave, fire wrap, counter, nora blast, fire range. - Ikaika

On the InternetEdit

Charcoal is a Fakémon coming from a website for a Hawaiian School, Pa'ia School, showing students' fandrawings and original Pokemon. The link was posted on a /vp/ thread, causing the drawings to reach a mildly popular status on the board, spawning multiple fandrawings and catchphrases.



Charcoal looks like a dragon, and has a red body with blue wings. Its eyes are a bluish hue, it has black legs, and has a pair of red horns on the top of its head. It also has a tail similar to Charmander's, but it is much longer and thinner.


Charcoal are relatively tame Pokémon, often minding their own buisness, but when irritated, can cause destruction on a massive scale. They are often found in mountains and caves, far from civilization.


They have many moves exclusive to its breed, including Flame Leaf, Powerful Flamer, Psyflame, Hyper Fire, Fire Wrap, Fire Range, Fire Bomb, and Nora Blast.

List of Moves by LevelEdit

Move Level
Dragon Claw Start
Ember Start
Fire Range 10
Flame Leaf 17
Flame Wrap 21
Wing Attack 28
FlameThrower 36
Fire Bomb 41
Powerful Flamer 47
Inferno 56
Psyflame 62
Hyper Fire 71
Nora Blast 77

Additional images:

  • The creator, Ikaika.
  • A fan drawing of Ikaika.