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Species: Long Wing Pokemon
Type: Flying
Ability: Solid Rock/Natural Cure/Marvel Scale (Hidden Ablility)
Creator: Sketcher
Original Scribble:
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Dex Entry

These giant, yet gentle, Pokemon used their long wings to soar across ancient oceans and mountain ranges for days. It is believed they used to eat small fish and bird pokemon to sustain themselves. They would very rarely attack other Pokemon, prefering to either remain seperate or mingle peacefully.

Mainly solitary, they used their high-pitched voices to attract a life-long mate. They raised their young until they were old enough to live on their own - at that time, the pair would leave their young in the middle of the night for it to fend for itself.

A previously extinct Pokemon, it was brought back through vigorous fossil ressurection and special breeding programs.

Ingame, it would have high HP and defenses, and middling special defense. Think of a defensive Aerodactyl.

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Pokedex entry faggysaur

Redraw by Scolipede