Species: Ferruginous Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Creator: blazeknight-94
Original Scribble:
Cactusowl full

Dex Entry

It can flap its wings and achieve flight, but only for short distances. It's often seen by those wandering the desert, and will help them find water.

Cactowl (Cactus-Owl) is the loving name /vp/ has given to this proported Pokemon. It was created during in the days leading up to the first CoroCoro leaks that would give us new information for Pokemon Black/White 2. The idea came from some supposed leaked "rumors" which included new Starter Pokemon, one of which stated the grass starter "Resembles an owl with a flower on head, needle eyebrows, and cactus wings. Seems to be based off the owls that live in cacti."

The drawing was leaked as a fake scan, and had most of the internet, if not just /vp/ in a tizzy. Even though it was eventually proven to be faked when the creator came forward, just about everyone loves Cactowl, some even claiming it to be the new Tentaquil.

Additional images:

  • Full Scan image
  • Screen Shot of the supposed game, as given in the full scan
  • Cactowl Sprite as given in the screenshot
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