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Species: Pest Pokemon
Type: Nature
Ability: Overgrowth
Creator: User "V Faction" of Bulbagarden Forums


Often seen scurrying across the forest floors, this Pokemon is always seen with an acorn on its head. Even during high winds or powerful attacks, it keeps the acorn on it's head at all times. It's unknown if the acorn is actually edible.

AcornDuck is a Fakemon created shortly after the silhouettes of the 5th Generation Pokemon were revealed. People across the internet came up with all sorts of designs based on what they believed the 3 new Pokemon would look like. AcornDuck was remembered because of how much of the fandom liked it.

Its design is based off of Oshawott's silouette. The Fakemon itself is a duck like creature wth an acorn on it's head.

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